Caretel Inns Brighton specializes in assisted living, memory care, and post-acute rehabilitation. Our compassionate care providers are dedicated to providing the highest degree of expertise and support.


Fulfilling your heart’s wish is our Dream Maker’s desire.

Symphony’s Dream Maker program is at the heart of who we are as an organization. It allows us the privilege to learn about the wishes and dreams of our guests and to do whatever we can to transform that hope into a reality.

A Dream Maker request can be something daring, a simple pleasure, an untold wish, or even reliving a fond memory. If it will enrich the life of a guest, we would love to hear about it.

We encourage you to think of a dream you would like to see come true, share it with your admissions team, and a Dream Maker team member will be honored to connect with you.


Symphony of Lights

Each year, Caretel Inns Brighton lights up the holiday season with our Symphony of Lights drive through experience. Combining a dazzling electrical display with the philanthropic spirit of the holiday season, Symphony of Lights provides both smiles to our community and an annual donation to the local homeless shelter. In 2020, visitors donated adult mittens to our mitten tree and helped keep the community warm. Don’t miss the annual tradition each holiday season!


“While at home, I was so sick that I went to the emergency department for help. I ended up staying in the hospital for over 5 days. During my hospital stay, I continued to feel lethargic, weak, I couldn’t eat or drink, and could no longer walk. The hospital and I decided a short stay at a skilled nursing facility would be best, so I choose Symphony. During my time at Symphony, the staff were empathetic and caring. Everyone was so persistent with getting me better. They spent quality time making me comfortable, they were aggressive in moving me towards a better health outcome, they were quick with call light response times, and overall, they went above and beyond to promote a healthy recovery. Symphony has a home-like environment and has wonderful clinicians, rarely do you find both in one package.”

– Dewan

“All the staff are very attentive and kind. Bingo and special celebrations are my favorite activities. My favorite celebration is the Veteran’s Day party. It is always well thought out and the snacks are so good! The facility is always clean!”

– Madeline

“My dad thrived at Symphony and is thankfully able to return home! Symphony was able to asses my dad’s individual needs, and properly care for him. The communication throughout his stay was great. I would definitely recommend Symphony to family and friends.”

– Ruste

“I tell all my friends, if you need to go somewhere for care, this is the place to be. They treat you like family and everyone is so nice. The food is not bad, but the popcorn is the best.”

– Elaine

“I remember when I first came into Symphony how it felt like home. From the staff, to the decor, it did not feel like your typical ‘Nursing Home.’ I originally had come to Symphony as my husband needed rehabilitation. Once I realized that they also offered Memory Care, and it would be an easy transfer, I was completely on board. The transition from skilled- care to memory-care was not very different, as the Director of Assisted Living worked right in the home and was there to continually monitor any changes in condition immediately. I feel so at ease knowing that I can go about my day knowing that my husband is in good hands and enjoying Penny Lane snacks.”

– Paulette

“Julian and Martha are starting to settle in nicely at Symphony Care Network. Both of them love their 1-bedroom suite with a spacious living room and mini kitchen. Julian enjoys getting to know the wonderful staff. Martha, on the other hand, is embracing the relaxed atmosphere. They are very pleased with the staff and their attentiveness towards the guests.”

– Karl

“I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the care my father received while at Caretel. Changing from one’s home to an assisted living facility is a life-altering experience, let alone during a pandemic. I appreciate the sensitivity shown when Dad became lonely and missing his family. I also enjoyed the Zoom calls explaining what was allowed regarding visitation—time that you took during your day to help us struggling families.”

– Jane M.

“My dad thrived at Caretel Inns of Brighton and is thankfully able to return home! Caretel was able to take my dad’s individual needs, and properly care for him. The communication throughout his stay was great. I would definitely recommend Caretel to family and friends.”

– Ruste W.

“What a wonderful experience. Care team were very professional.”

– Clara R.

“My mom was there for 5 years and she would always brag about the care team.”

– Roger T.

“There were activities with fun things to do every day.”

– Evelyn W.

“…even the food was great!”

– Joyce P.

As many of you are aware Friday, March 10th 2023 was a very sad day for our family as Frieda, beloved Mother, Grand Mother and Great Grand Mother passed away in the early hours.

She had been a resident of Caretel Brighton since late October 2023 following a hospital stay for a broken hip and the required surgery that followed.

She first was a resident in the rehab section for a time and then due of the care that was demonstrated by all of the staff it became obvious to us all that if she was unable to return home following her rehabilitation Caretel would be the facility we would choose for her continued care.

We can tell you that that was the best decision we have collectively ever made!

Following her stay in the rehab area she was transferred to Caretel’s memory care section where she was a resident up until her passing.

There are so many phenomenal individuals we met throughout Frieda’s residency that to list them all would take pages and we certainly wouldn’t want to inadvertently leave anyone out so please know that each and every one of you both at Caretel and Hospice all went above and beyond on a daily basis, you have set the bar of care so extremely high!

The care Frieda received from you all went so far beyond “nursing care”, you became an extended family to her and to all of our existing family. After our visitations with her we were so very confident in the care she would receive, we knew we were leaving her in superbly skilled and caring hands.

Every last one of you at Caretel and Hospice should be so very proud of the work you do for the residents and their families, you all are exceptional individuals and together you make an absolutely incredible team, your caring, professionalism and guidance these past months helped us so much it is virtually impossible to truly express in words our gratitude but “Thank you so very, very much!!”

The morning of Frieda’s passing two things occurred that sum up the caring of the Caretel and Hospice extraordinary staff… These are just two of so many examples we could offer.

  1. It was obvious that the staff was truly and honestly saddened by her passing, so much more than simply a patient, they had lost a friend and it sincerely showed. Frieda was an easy person to get to know and to love.
  2. Shortly after her passing in the early hours the family had gathered in one of the hallways awaiting Hospice, a young man (employee) who was actually getting ready to leave for the day noticed us and stopped in his tracks, offered to get us all coffee, instead of leaving this young man rounded up coffee cups, coffee, cream, sugar, spoons, etc. etc., he had no idea who we were but that didn’t matter to him, he wanted to help us in any way he could.

To all of you at Caretel and Hospice – from the bottom of our hearts “Thank you so very much for all that you have done for Frieda and continue to do for others and their families! You all are truly champions in your profession!!!”

You are all “Top Shelf” individuals!!!!

– Frieda D.


Amy Philburn, RN, LNHA


“One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of our guests and their families, by ensuring high-quality care in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment.”

Paige Greenwell, RN

Director of Nursing

“My favorite part of my position is advancing our clinical services, so we can provide quality, hospital-like care.”

Kim Milanowski, RN

Assistant Director of Nursing

“It’s my privilege to deliver quality care for our guests daily, and I love working with others who share that same passion.”

Jah’nay Morris, LPN

Afternoon Unit Manager

“One of the most fulfilling facets of my position, is working as a team to ensure happiness and comfort is achieved for our guests, by providing excellent care.”

Joy Smith, RN

Wound Nurse

“The best part of being a wound nurse is having the opportunity to build strong relationships and help our guests progress in their recovery journey. Watching their quality of life improve is priceless.”

Caitlin French, SLP

Director of Rehabilitation

“I love getting to know our guests, hearing their stories, and watching the progress they make from when they first arrive to when they go home.”

Angie Mainhardt

Transitions of Care Coordinator

“Meeting great guests and their families is my favorite part of my job. I love helping them navigate difficult transitions with care and compassion.”

Karl Salgado

Admissions Director / Hospital Liaison

“It is my goal to provide quality and safe transitions of care for our guests and their family members.”

Jenna Watson

Activities Director

“I strive to provide meaningful interactions to improve the quality of life for our guests and deliver a variety of activities so our guests have fun!”

Adam Weber

Head Chef

“The most fulfilling aspect of my role is building relationships, by creating nutritious meals that cater to the individual dietary needs of our guests, and enhancing their overall dining experience.”

Anna Swider, LPN

MDS Coordinator

“The best part of being a MDS (Minimum Data Set) Coordinator is the collaboration with our Interdisciplinary Team, to ensure we are maintaining high-quality care standards.”

Aleda Kantola, RN

MDS Nurse

“Assessing and documenting our guests care needs, and ensuring they receive the appropriate level of care and services allows me to advocate for our guests, which, contributes to their overall well-being.”

Britney Dumas

Scheduler/ Unit Coordinator

“I enjoy the opportunity I have to make a positive impact on the quality of care that is provided, by efficiently managing schedules and ensuring appropriate staffing levels.”

Angie Beebe

Health Information Management

“I find that maintaining the integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility of healthcare data, which, is essential for good patient care, a very rewarding aspect of my job.”

Katie Edwards

Assisted Living Director

“I truly enjoy getting to know each guest and their family on a personal level. Creating a happy, healthy and family-like environment every day is a privilege.”

Amanda Hawley

Assistant Assisted Living Director

“The guests are my favorite part, getting to know them and their individual ways. They all have a story. It is a privilege to care for them.”

Stephanie Viener

Assisted Living Sales Director

“I truly enjoy serving as an advocate to future guests during their decision-making process to join our assisted-living community. My goal is to listen, support them, and show them how much I care.”

Paige Wilhelm

Human Resources Director

“I enjoy taking care of our employees, so they can continue to take good care of our guests.”

Lacey Evans

Business Office Manager

“I enjoy building relationships with our guests and their family members, and helping them navigate the financial aspects of their loved ones’ care.”

Michelle Carson


“What I enjoy most is supporting the guests and their families. You meet so many kind people here.”

Michael Samluk, DO

Medical Director

“Caring for our community’s elderly or frail when they are most vulnerable is a privilege.”

Ken Blair

Environmental Services Director

“It is my goal and my pleasure to provide a safe and well-maintained environment for all of our residents, visitors, and staff here.”